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Handmade is embedded with the artisans spirit.


I will be bold enough to say handmade has its own DNA.

Handmade has the fundamental characteristic and unchangeable quality not found in mass produced fashion and textiles when knowing how to care for it. 

The artists who create cloth, a garment or a sculpture transform the raw material into a unique, functional and            long-lasting item. 

Handmade is embedded with the artisans spirit.  

Handmade warrants durability.

Handmade has its own tale.

We will share the history behind every piece, how it evolved, the process and the hours dedicated to it.

The reasoning behind the colour choices, patterns and variety of materials used. 

 We will also help you in understanding the importance of care for any given item. Ultimately, not all wool is the same. 

As of late we have been sourcing fleece from local sheep breeders in Northern Galicia, as well as working closely with independent and ethical family owned woolly breeding farms in Italy, France, the Scottish Highlands, Peru and Uruguay. 

The only carbon footprint is the hands on work and time dedicated to any given creation, we believe, will be treasured for years to come. 


We would love to hear from you

We are always open in collaborating with like minded artist and textile enthusiasts, open to suggestions and all kinds of positive feedback and critiques. 

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