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Custom Orders

We have been hesitant on offering custom orders, but we have given in.

We want every piece you own to be unique and in many ways be representative of you. 

Custom Order

Some items listed in the shop can be customised in colorway you choose.

 Design and type of fiber will not be changed unless noted.

Custom orders for a garment/item not offered In "The Woods"-  we will work with you.

We charge an initial non-refundable 20€ fee for consultation through email or via Zoom to have a clear understanding amongst us to create what you desire concluding with a like minded vision to commence with your order.

One thing to note is: we do not replicate designs without written consent from original designer nor do we duplicate a design trend of the season or seasons past..

Our pieces tell a story, your custom order is your story. 


Contact Us

We work very hard to find balance with  fiber, weight and texture of yarn for an idea and turn that idea into reality through samplings, trial and error and experimentation.

If you desire changes in yarn weight or type of wool, we will be more than happy to work with you on determining if it is right for the drape, texture and density you seek during the development stages of your order.

No changes to type of yarn weight or fiber can be made once the garment is being made.


Deposit For Custom Order

A quote is provided within 72 hours of your submission for your approval and payment.

50% non-refundable fee for custom orders. 

Custom orders take time in planning and executing. Once a custom order is approved by you, if cancelled, you will not be eligible for refund of deposit. 

We calculate the price of your garment by the measurements you provide us, the technique you choose, the type of fiber and the complexity of construction. 


Balance Due

Balance is due no later than 48 hours after e-mail notification of completion to be shipped 



Custom orders take time in planning and executing. 

Once we have completed the blueprint of the design,  fiber is selected and custom order has been approved by you, if cancelled, the order is not eligible for. refund.


Under no circumstances will a refund be issued once the garment is being made. We charge the complexity and the design of the garment but in doing so it also has countless hours of meticulous labor impossible to calculate  and charge if prices were based on an hourly fee.



The Process

Most custom orders are simple, others not so much.

There are many factors that determine the allotted time dedicated to a piece. 

  • The Design

  • Sampling

  • Sizing

  • Construction

  • Finishing


We do our best to commit to a date and/or meet a deadline. 

However, PLEASE BE AWARE: currently, custom hand-made garments are taking a minimum 4 weeks for completion.  

When you receive a quote for a custom order we will also provide the hours allocated for completion of your garment. 

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