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ARI Jumper Quote

Let us help you obtain the correct measurements with a few guidelines for a price quote on the ARI Jumper.


  • Measure yourself with the undergarment you may use. Avoid bulky items. If your intentions are for layering, please let us know in the comments section of this form.


  • It is always great to have help from someone to get your accurate measurements but it is not always necessary. Stand in front of a mirror and follow the steps we have provided in the "How To Take Your Measurements" section. It is much easier than most people think.


  • Be honest about your measurements. Something as small  as a cm off can result in an ill-fitting garment. 


  • Always round your measurements up never down. example: 31.25 inches round up to full inch same rule applies for centimeters.


  •  Think about how you like your fit: 

​Would you like the garment to be form fitting or boxy? 

Do you like your jumpers waist length or longer past the hip?

  • And lastly, they are just numbers. 

The combination is as unique as you are.

Still not so sure?  Contact us and we will help you through it.


The following information does not bind you in anyway to the purchase of an ARI Jumper. 
The information you provide us below will never be shared nor become public information. 


Are your measurements in:


You are half way to an ARI Jumper. We are working on the math and will reply within 72 Hours.

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